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The following policy documents have been posted for comment:

Balloon Release Policy

Policy for Programs and Activities Serving Minors

The following policy documents have been posted for comment until further notice.

Policy on Diversity

Social Media Policy

Policy Index

1001 Policy Development and Adoption Procedures




2000 Provost's Office
2000 Statutes of Valdosta State University
2001 Records Retention
2002 Faculty Handbook
2003 Outdoor Lighting Policy

2100 Information Technology
2101 E-mail/ Web/ Portal Communications 
2102 Information Resources Acceptable Use
2141 Information Security
2142 Fax Confidentiality and Security
2143 Security of Student Information(Gramm Leach Bliley Act)
2144 Red Flag Rules: Identity Theft, Fraud Prevention Program
2145 Encryption

2200 Legal Affairs
2201 Delegation of Contract Signing Authority
2202 Hotline for Reporting Suspected Fraud, Waste and Abuse

2300 Admissions 
2301 VSU Catalogs

2400 Sponsored Programs and Research Administration 
2401 Humane Care/ Use of Laboratory Animals
2402 Conflict of Interest
2403 Protection of Human Research Participants
2404 Non-Compliance: Research Participant Protection
2405 Intellectual Property
2406 Scholarly Misconduct

2550 Odum Library
2551 Archives Collection
2552 Archives Usage
2553 Government Documents Collection
2554 Collection Development

2801 Registrar
2801 Students Rights to Educational Records & Privacy (FERPA)

3000 Office of Social Equity
3001 Americans with Disabilities Act 
3002 Non-Discrimination
3003 Anti-Harrassment (Sexual Harassment)
3004 Sexual Misconduct and Title IX

3100 Auxiliary Services
3111 Wireless Communications Devices/Cellphones
3121 Identification and On-Line Debit Card (VSU 1-Card)
3125 Parking and Transportation Policy
3126 Parking and Transportation Committee Policy
3141 Health Center Policy
3151 Key Control

3200 Business Services
3241 Purchasing

3300 Environmental & Occupational Safety 
3301 Corrective Action : E&OS
3302 Hazard Communication
3303 Environmental Management System
3304 Defibrillator 
3305 Hazardous Materials Shipping and Transportation
3306 Utility Vehicle/Golf Cart

3400 Financial Services
3401 Finance and Business Operations
3402 Payment Card Merchant Security Policy (PCI DSS)

3500 Student Financial Services
3511 Refunds and Withdrawals
3512 Mandatory Fees & Waiver of Mandatory 

3600 Human Resources and Employee Development
3601 Human Resources
3602 Ethics
3603 Working Conditions 
3604 Drug Free Workplace 
3606 Tuition Assistance Program
3607 Individually Identifiable Health Information (HIPAA) 
3608 Confidentiality and Privacy 
3609 Shared Sick Leave Pool Program 
3610 Violence in the Workplace
3611 Disruptive Behavior
3612 Volunteer Policy

3800 University Police
3801 Campus Homeland Security
3802 Public Safety



4000 Student Affairs
4001 Student Handbook

4500 Financial Aid
4501 Financial Aid Eligibility
4502 Satisfactory Academic Progress

4700 Housing & Residence Life
4701 Freshman Residency

5000 University Advancement
5001 Gift Acceptance 
5002 Alcohol Policy for Events

5400 Event Services 
5402 Facilities Rental & Use

5600 Publication and Design Services
5601 Visual Identity Program